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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

His Bags are packed, he's ready to go!

His Bags are packed, he's ready to go! 

Ryan and I had fun shopping today for the last few things--and Robyn Moore knew exactly what we were up to when she saw us!! I must admit it is more simple to get a boy ready for a trip than a girl--they just don't sweat the small stuff. Ryan had us on a schedule so that he could be home to spend his last afternoon with Andria after school--Rachel too, but she was off to soccer practice.

Final dinner at Five Guys with homestyle hamburgers and Idaho potato fries.  We had to beg him to move up a level from his first proposal of a McDonald's BIG MAC (Really??? Dad would have happily taken us for dinner at Carvers)  Posting on the board@ Five Guys Fort Union.

 Tried to get a family pic... Rachel is so excited to have her learners permit she is already in the car ready to be the driver!

Stopped on the way home to say goodbye to Uncle Stevan's family--Hannah will be in 6th grade, Rex will be 8 and baptized and Ben will be in kindergarten by the time Ryan gets back.  Crazy!

Ryan made all the cousins promise to write monthly-- Rex pinky promised he would!

Ben is supposed to draw lots of Star Wars pics and mail them to Ryan.

 Ryan made Hannah promise to waste some good reading time watching TV or playing video games....she was horrified!!

Aunt Joelle promised to write at least twice (wink wink!!)

Stake Pres. Steve Miles and Counselor Bro Funke came at 9pm following the celebration of Boy Scouting to set Ryan apart as an Elder.  Bishop Duffy Pingree and Counselor Gary
Hall came as Ryan's Bell Canyon leaders.   Uncle Stevan Baxter and mission Prep teacher Dayne Smart also joined our family (minus Cathryn who is touring Scotland this week).  What a sweet evening...then off to do the final check of the suitcase and mark all the clothes --RJ in Turquoise Sharpie-- can you tell he lives in a houseful of girls???

 Even though Rachel is already casing Ryan's room and trying out his comfy queen bed we are swiftly realizing how much we are going to miss the young man who takes care and watches out for all of us girls of the Johnson family.  He's the kid that would get  mad at me if I would forget to tell him that Rachel was going home with a friend after school because he took his job of walking her to and from school very seriously and would wait endlessly before coming home to tell me she was missing. We can always count on Ryan to make sure the doors are locked at night and all of us are home safely--because he checks (especially when Dad is on call) !!  We love you, Ryan,  and we will pray for the Lord to protect you the way you have always protected us!

Now to try and get some sleep--hope that works better than it did last night!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

MTC and Speaking info

Ryan leaves October 30 for the Maceio Brazil Mission!

He is speaking at 1:00  pm at the Granite View Stake Center 9880 S 3100 E Sandy, UT 84092.