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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

here we go again! 3-30-15

so this week was legit! Larissa got baptized this week, it was really great! the ward was there to support and was a really spiritual experience! 

had a good week work wise, found some good new people to teach and have been trying to get them to church. seems like it is always the same problem. but we are gonna keep working with them! 

this week we did a division with one of the companionships in our zone, i stayed with Elder Santana and Elder Brown, elder brown has been on the mission for a grand 20 days now... his portugesse was limited to say the least. gave me a flashback to more than a year ago when i was in his shoes.. brazilian companion, brazilian food, brazilian culture... and me... LOST! haha it was interesting to reflect on the beginining of the mission and see just how far i have come. really felt like ive grown up (probably not as much as i think! haha) but many things have certainly changed. one thing that the mission has taught me has been to just go out and get things done! dont wait for others act, but to do and be productive, to try the best even when the path in front isnt so clear.. the mission has provided so many great growing experiences! 

this week, the secretaries called me asking me what airport i wanted to land in.... i officially only have six months left... it was such a weird sensation.. sometimes it doesnt feel real that my misison will end... but just trying to live up these last six months to the fullest! 

Larissa´s baptism was awesome, her parents are separated and her dad is a member in another ward, he was there and bore his testimony, it was really a good feeling at the service. after avery baptism ive had, there is a feelin that you just cant beat. the feelin that yo know that you helped some one find the way home.... incredible! 

hope that everyone is doin well! im doing great! its hot, but its good! 

Elder Ryan

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Last Week in Siqueira. 3-9-15

So this week was the Transfer, and believe it or not, im finally leaving Siqueira Campos. kind of hard to believe, its been so long that it feels like home here! practically became a member of the ward! haha Im excited for the new area, but its hard leaving all the people here, especially Islei and his family and Aparecida. but the mission goes on! excited to hear where i´ll be going! i will know tomorrow! so i´ll give you the update next week! 

so in this last week we have been having a lot of good progress with the members. we have really been trying to work with them and find new people to teach through the members, it was really good, we managed to find a really legit family to teach! really sad that i wont be able to stay to watch their progress but i know that elder Kimball will take good care of them! 

I think i talked a bit about Everton and Micheylene last week, but if not i will explain again. they are a couple that a member invited to church and they went, they loved it, this week we were teaching them and they told us that they want to get married so that they can get baptized! so legit! really sad (again) that i wont be here to see it! but it has been really cool to see how the gospel has filled in the whole in their lives that things of the world just couldnt fill! amazing how that works! needless to say, they are awesome! 

its been a pain packing my bags... sometimes i think to my self , "why do i have so much crap!" then i remember that Jenifer Johnson is my mother and that i inherited the habit of keeping everything that i have, thinking that one day i will use it, then realizing... i never will! ;)  Love you Mom!! haha 

it was a good last week here in Siqueira! i Learned lots here. i think the happiest and saddest moments of my mission were spent here. most of all i think i learned just how real the gospel is and just how true the things we teach are! my personal conversion has grown a lot. and its more than just something that has been planted in my head, but it is now something that is concreted in my heart! 

hope that everyone is doing well! love you all and appreciate all the letters! 

Elder Ryan