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Monday, May 12, 2014

last week in Viçosa 5-12-14

so last night we had the phone call that lets us know if we have been transfered, and the 4 of us that were here are leaving! i dont know where i'll be heading until tomorrow so i will let you know next week where i am! 

it was great to talk to the fam this last week! super wierd speaking english! haha did i have an accent?? talk weird?? my companion got a pretty good laugh at me struggling to speak english! haha but it was really good to see you all! missed hearing your voices! 

Well the news of what happened this last week! we spent P-day in Maceio this last week because the zone had a barbaque! that was fun but im not such a fan of riding on the bus for 6 hours! haha 

NEW EMAIL:  oops didn't mean to send that one--

so continuing what i was saying!

work wise this week it was a little tricky getting elder Arraes excited to work, we had pretty horrible numbers this week, but i was just happy if we got out and he would just walk with me to some ones house! most of the time he was talking about how the mission has taken it out of him! hahah he was so ready to go home! he left on sunday night! i had a good time being his companion, it was a little tough as it got closer to the time to him going home, but he was good to work with and i learned lots from him! 

thursday we has a zone meeting and it was really good, talked about adapting to your area and how to work better with the members in our areas, got me really excited and was hoping to put some of the things i learned into action here in Viçosa.. but i was transfered! haha

saturday, we had 2 baptisms!!! Leo and Edson Jr. the kids of Edson, a inactive that we reactivated! it was great! but it is too bad that i am leaving now! i feel like the fruits of all of our work that we did here are finally coming forth, and now im leaving! haha 

sunday there was a huge change in the Branch here. a new family moved in which will be great for the branch here. also they changed the branch president here! the new pres. is really excited to work and as lots of really good ideas that wil really help the branch grow, too bad i wont have a chance to work with him, but im realy happy for the branch, things are finally looking up here! 

well that is about all the news i have for this week! im a little nervous about the transfer, it is weird how fast i got used to being here, i feel a little bit like its home! but also im excited for the new challenge of a new area and companion! 

that about sums things up! hope that everyone is well! love you all! 

Elder Ryan

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