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Monday, October 6, 2014

soooo here we go again! 10-6-14

so this week was a good one! conference was a killer, really enjoyed it and learned tons! hoping to start the application process now! 

this week we had to go to  Maceió for the leadership Counsel. it was a good time! 5 hours on the bus to get there and then a meeting all day long on tuesday, and 5 hours back, getting home at midnight.. i was beat! haha but it was a good meeting, basically all the Zone leaders meet together with President and we talk about all the problems that the mission is having and what we need to do to fix it! it was cool to have my voice heard and put in my opinions on how to make things better! 

Thursday we had Zone Meeting. it was good, we talked  a lot about how lots of times or efforts arent always pointed to what needs to be done! even though we may be working, we need to remember our purpose and focus our efforts there! it was good and intense! this week we already started to see the difference in the Zone! 

This month is looking like it will be a good one! the Zone is really excited and working well! hoping that everyone will be able reach their potencial! 

not much news about the investigators! Aparecida is progressing really well she watch both sessions with us on sunday! but seeing as the stake center is about a 45 minute walk from our area, we had a tough time getting people to go and watch it this weekend! 

but i think that that is about it for this week! closing in on the one year mark, seems pretty unbelievable to me!! passing by real fast like! but hope that everyone is doing well! Love you all! 

Elder Ryan

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