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Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm an old man! 2-9-15

so tomorrow i will become an old man.. and that is just weird! i cant believe that im gonna be 20, seems like it was yesterday that i was home, a little 18 year old punk leaving on the mission... time is just passing by way too fast!

so things have been going really well here in Siqueira in a couple of areas, and not so good in others so lets get the run down started! 

So the good news is that me and elder Kimball are killing it! we are teaching so many lessons a week (about 40) which is like nuts, ive never taught so much, which is way more fun than walking in the burning hot february sun here! so we have been going pretty hard core teaching tons of people, but the only problem is... that no one goes to church! ah dang it! the same problem! its like.. its not that hard... just wake up at 8 and go to church! its actually pretty good there! you will be pleasently surprised! but that isnt really a new challenge! but i had a really good experience the last night. me and kimball were talking about how we werent able to get people to church and stuff and that day i think we had taught about prayer literally like 8 times, and kimball was like, "you know we tell every one that they just need to converse with God and talk with him about how we feel and really just try to talk with him from the heart.. lets pray!" i think it was one of the few nights in my mission where i really just put it all out there before God.. normally i just tried to figure it out on my own, but it was an awesome experience... after the prayer, it was like ideas were coming from all directions! it was really amazing! that is the best part about the mission, just when you think you know what you are doing and think you can do it on your own.. you realize that no matter how good you are, you need the Guy upstairs to help out! over all we got some new plans to get people to church, really excited to put them into action! 

This sunday president Gomes gave us a surprise visit at our church meetin.. he walked in and i had the horrible realization that i had forgotten to shave.. smooth move Ryan... but im pretty sure he didnt even notice! 

also this sunday, Islei gave a talk, and it was seriously so good! it seemed like he already had like 2 years as a member, he was bearing his testimony and using scriptures, it was so good... honestly i dont think there is anything more rewarding that watching some one get truly changed by the Gospel... its gonna be real hard tosay good bye there! 

investigator watch: we got no one who is really progressing other than Maria. she is Vitoria´s mom,one of my recent converts! she stopped drinking coffe this week! it was legit, she just asked usto take all off here coffee away! so we took it, and the rest of the night my bag smelt like coffee until we found a garabage.
we also gots Mécia, she is showing some life again, she is really having a hard time praying and with coffee, we will see what we can do! 
we got a ton of others, but none of them went to church so yeah..we will see what happens this week!

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and hope that everyone is doing well! love you all and hope you have a great week! Carnaval is happening this week so it should be a party up in here!! 

Elder Ryan

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