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Monday, September 22, 2014

the weekly shindig 9-22-14

so this week was a really good one! it was the last week of the transfer and we really killed it together! 

i stayed here in Aracaju, and im still companions with Elder Lima, we are really working well together and are really good freinds! easily he is my favorite companion so far! really glad that we stayed togetehr for one more transfer! 

so this week we have been working lots with Aparecida, she is a Jehovahs witness that we have been teaching. it has been a really cool experience to see the changes that are happening in her life these last two weeks! she told us how she felt that it was so true and she didnt know why because it is so contrairy to what is taught at the JW's. she went to church this sunday and that was an awesome experince! we are working to baptize her on the 4th.

we help some one move this week, it was a 2 hour planned activity.. it ended up being 6.. seeing as we were the only ones there helping, we didnt leave until it was done! haha and i worked musceles in my body that i had forgotten exsisted! haha 

we are also working with Felipe and Patrick and their dad Adriano. Adriano struggles with drug addictions but has been really looking to stop, havent had much progress leaving the drugs but he did make it to church this week, which was a huge step for him! his two sons Patrick and Felipe and planned to be baptized this week! super excited about that! they have been going to church and to all the activities during the week! really pumped for this saturday! 

we planned an activity for our investigators with the ward this week and it was a hit! i taught the ward how to play ninja and do the human knot! it was a blast i was dying laughing! i think it was the spark that this ward was needing! 

We talked to Pres Gomes about opening a group, like i wrote about last week, and he was pretty hesitant, but all hope is not lost! i think we can get the stake pres to apporve it!! im really excited that i stayed in the area, i feel like we are gonna make some real miracels happen this transfer! 

well that is about it! thanks everyone for writing! love hearing from everyone! 


Elder Ryan

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