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Monday, September 1, 2014

the weeks news! 9-1-14

so this week was a tough one! 

So the week started off by doing a division with one of the district leaders of our zone! his companion has been having a hard time with stress lately, so weve been trying to help out there! but it was good! his name is elder Roper, he is from phoenix and he has like just 3 more months to go on his mish. he was fun to work with, their area was also huge and we had to do some serious walking which was just bundles of fun! ;) the only problem was that when i got there it was like walking into the dump... needless to say it was necessary to do a manditory pick of things. interesting how it is that it is impossible to think straight or have the spirit with you when things are really dirty! 

this week we had a problem with teaching people who didnt really want to do anything. they would listen to us because we were teaching the "word of God" and then when would get in there and throw down the baptismal challange, they all were like..  " oh i have another church" or some other excuse like that! so that was kind of rough for this week, really has been a struggle in this area to find people who are ready to act! pray, read, try living the commandments, going to church. its hard because i know that if the people just do these things, these little things like read the scriptures and pray, they can know its true.. funny how its so simple but the people have such a hard time with it! but its fine, Elder Lima is really good about this, he just keeps working no matter what the result! so we have been working lots trying to do our best! i know that we will find the right people soon, just got to keep on looking! 

this week ive been doing lots of baptismal interviews.. its something that is kind of intense actually! some times the people have hard questions or they need help getting over a fear or something like that! it has been a cool learning experience on how to put into action the whispers of the spirit of how to help these people move forward and choose to follow christ! 

sunday i had to give a talk... i dont think that i will ever like giving talks! hah but it was good, i gave it on missionary work. as i studied, i learned just how important the members are in helping the work move forth.. i reflected and realized that all the people that i had baptized on my mission were referals of the members! really the members do more of the work than we do! 

well i think that is about it as far as the update goes! hope that everyone is well and happy! Amo todos vocês e espero que vocês tem um ótimo semana! 

Elder Ryan

Elder Lima and Elder Ryan

Still has "the force" with him!

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