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Monday, August 25, 2014

soooo. 8-25-14

so here is the weeks update! 

so we had a good week, we worked real hard and have been trying really hard to prepare a few people for this next week to baptize to reach our monthly goal... it was a valiant effort, but it is looking rather grim for this coming week! haha but im not worried about it, we have some great investigators who are preparing for the first week in september! 

we are working with a guy named junior, he was really catholic, like trying to get into the ministry and eveything when he had a change of mind and started for looking for something else. whenwe started teaching him he talked about how reading the book of mormon and hearing our messages is helping him find something that he didnt know was missing in his life, so that was pretty cool
we also found some new people to teach this week by visiting less actives, it is interesting how many people you can find by doing that! but we are working with several people that have been found doing that! 

we did a division this week and i went to the biggest area in the mission, called aruana, it was huge!! we walked so much, at the end of the day i was dying! haha but it was good Elder De Paula, is a good missionary and i learned lots from him! good times! 

as zone leaders we are responsable for helping the missionaries about there problems and that has just been a roller coaster, especially because pres is new and every little problem he calls us and tells that we need to take care of it! it is kind of a hassel at times! 

well i think that is about all for this week! nothing too exciting is happening! just working hard and trying to do my best! i hope that everyone is doing well!

Love you all! 

Elder Ryan

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