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Monday, August 4, 2014

the week update! 8-4-14

so here is what is happening in my life! 

so this week i walked in the flaming hot sun everyday! i talked to people in portuguese, i got really sunburned and realized just how white i really am, we worked real hard, with little sucess.. but nothing new there! haha 

now ill give you the details! 

so this week was a real stuggle to find new people to teach! we did everything you can imagine to try and find people! we decided to do a fast on saturday.. (well it was fast sunday and here in brazil the main meal is lunch so we start our fast saturday after lunch!) but we had a pretty good day planned, we had done contacts and had planned with a few people to pass by there houses that day! so we were going around to our planned events and we had this one around 4 in the afternoon that looked really promising, when we close to his house we saw him running away, drunk! so that was a bummer.. i was pretty down, walking away from his house when his neighbor waved us down and told us to come in and teach her! she told us how she wanted to follow christ and how she had talked to missionaries a while back and she had invited them to come and teach her, but they never showed! she was really interested and told us how our message had answered many answers that she and her husband were looking for! it was real legit! some times the lord works through the drunks to get us to the people who are ready to accept what we have for them! it was a real cool experience! 

went to a churrascaria here.. ate soo much meat that i think i might xplode! there is no way that it was good for me.. but it was really good so..... what do you do?!? 

we have been having lots of sucess with Auracele. she is married to a less active member and they have been having lots of dificulties with there marriage! we have been helping her try to realize how followin christ can help her and her family be more united and have something that they can found their family upon, the Gospel. we have been teahing her lots this week and have had lots of really awesome experiences there! hoping this week to work more with Ricardo, her husband and try and reactivate him to help save their family! makes me real greatful to know that my family has an eternal perspective of things and that this helps us work through our differneces and disagreements, and to work together towards our eternal purpose! 

this week i also passed the "keys" of senior companion to Elder Corderio, this will probably be our last week together, seeing as there is a transfre next week! but i left him to call the shots this week! it was a cool experience to watch him learn how to do what is best for the people and for the lord! he wasnt too happy with me at the beginning of the week! i think he realized that it isnt a cake walk having to make tough decisions in tough situations! but with a little (or big) push he made things happen! im a proud Dad to say the least! ;)

Did a division with elder Garcia this week! he is the newsest member of my district. he has about 1 month on his mission, and he is a fire ball. he was really fun to work with, ive never seen anyone so excited to do the work more than he is! he takes joy in every little thing that happens which i thought was super cool and something that i will try and apply more in my life! he was fun to work with and we did some damage together! he will be an awesome missionary! 

we had a fireside that we and our ward mission leader had planned! i even called Pres Gomes to be there and give a talk! but he bailed on us the last minute. but it was a really good meeting, we invited other branches and wards to watch as well which was good because about no one from our ward showed but it was a good meeting none the less! 

this week i was notified that the assistants to the pres would be watching my District meeting, good thing that im a champ under pressure! ;) but it went well and they said that i killed it.. soo looks like ill be the next president of the mission.. its no big deal! ;) 

well that seems like about it for this week! things are good! hope that all is well for you! love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Ryan

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