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Monday, August 11, 2014

Work, Miracles, and Transfers 8-11-14

so to start this email outm we had transfers yesterday, and i was transfered, i have no idea where i will be going yet, i find out on tuesday, but im a little sad, i really liked working in this area, they have really great members who helped us out a lot, and i have really liked serving in this district, it was 2 transfers of non stop laughs and fun! im gonna miss it here, but im super excited for the change, to meet new people, new area, and new experiences! i will let you know next week where i am and who my companion is! 

soo this week we worked real good, it was fun! the mission presidente told us that he recieved a note from the first presidency that in our mission they want us to work harder with members and less actives! less knocking on doors and working more with reactivation and referals! so that is what we did, we visit like 20 people on the less active list this week and that was good, trying to help them reactivate and strengthen the church here! but it also helped us find new people to teach, and it was a whole lot easier than having to knock on a ton of doors! 

this week we had some serious miracles happen! so we were with nothing to do, and i was like, well lets just see, just maybe, some one brought someone to seminary to visit.. so we went to church and it was like every one of the youth had brought a friend to visit! what luck!! haha but it was awesome. one of them was an investigator that we taught when i first got here, and he told us that he didnt want to go to church and such and we hadnt see him since. well he was there and came up to me and told me that he wanted to be baptized! MIRACLE! haha but that isnt the end of it.. another kid, the cousin of Anderson, one of the people we baptized here,came up and said that he wanted to be baptized too! well... MIRACLE! so that was awesome! we also have more people that we are working with who were there that night as well! 

On sunday Ana Vitoria, our forever investigator.. came up to us ofter sacrament meeting and notified us that her baptisms would be next satuday and 7, and that we needed to be there! MIRACLE! after three months of teaching her, she finally has decided that she is ready! 

now that i think about it.. all these miracles happened, and im leaving.. i think i have a problem with that! ;) but im happy that these people are choosing to follow christ, even though i wont be there to see it happen! 

well that is about all i have to say this week! it kind of passed by in a blur... time on the mission is too fast sometimes! it feels so unreal that im already at 9 months and a half... some times i dont believe it is happening! haha
well i hope that everyone is doing well and that every one is missing me beyond belief! :) love you all and hope you have an awesome week! 

MOM: Happy birthday!!! hope it was awesome! 

DAD: Happy Fathers day!! (well it was fathers day here in brazil.. i dont know about there.. i forget what day it is) but none the less!! Happy dads day! 

Até mais!! 

Elder Ryan

Rumor has it--coke is better in South America! 

Finally got a chance to play basketball!

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