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Monday, August 18, 2014

the first week of the transfer 8-18-14

well well well, so here is the upadate on what happened with the transfer! so i was transfered to Sergipe the other state in our mission, im in the capitol city Aracaju, in the ward of Siquira Campos. I was called as Zone Leader, and my new companion is Elder Lima! he is awesome he is from the state Minas Gerais, he is 25, already majored in math and was a teacher, now he is on the mission, he is a super genius and a super hard worker. i really have liked working with him this last week! he is awesome! really liking it here! 

So tuesday was the transfer and when i heard i was called as Zone Leader i didnt quite believe it, feel so unready, seeing as i only have 9 months and only one as District Leader, but i think God knows the situation a little better than i do and so ill jsut do my best to fufill my calling to the best of my abilities, but then i got on a bus and had my legs crushed for 6 hours... and let me tell you, that was just great! 

rest of the week was just working hard, getting to know the new area, finding some new investigators, we have a few potencial baptisms for the 30th and 6th, so im pretty excited about that, really like working with Elder Lima because he pulls his own weight in everything and he is super motivated! but nothing super exciting happened work wise, just another week of grit spit and duct tape work! the memebers here are good and they help out lots, we have been working lots with referals which is awesome, the area here is way bigger than the last one, so that will mean lots more walking! but im liking it lots so far! just trying to adapt and try and get our teaching styles together, but it takes some time, but i feel like this area has some real potencial, so im excited to be here! 

I think the best of it all is that this house here has air conditioning!!! it is so amazing! ive neverslept so well in my whole mission! 

Elder Lima has a super focus on reaching families, which is awesome. we are working with a couple of families right now, hoping that we can make some miracles happen! 

well i think that is about it for the week! nothing too exciting happened! but thanks for all the emails and support! love you all! have a great week! 

Elder Ryan

 I'm in the capitol city Aracaju, in the ward of Siquira Campos

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