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Monday, July 28, 2014

well well 7-28-14

well here is the update on what is happening in my life for the last week here in the crazy land of Maceió Brasil! 

so we had a good week, we taught lots and have been trying to find new people to teach by visiting the less actives and recently baptized people, seeing if we can teach their family members or ask for referals.. until now.. not much results on the new people! haha but felt really good about the work we did this week! i dont think ive ever worked so hard in a week before! on sunday night i was stuggling to walk home! haha

this week we tried really hard to help Patrick, he is 17, he has been visting the church for the last 5 months or so, but his mom wont sign the form authorizing for him to be baptized! but we did everything we could to baptize him this week. we had is interview done by one of the Zone leaders, we filled the baptismal font, without even knowing if she would sign.. invited all the members to come watch... and she didnt sign! haha the struggle is real! but we gonna see what kind of magic we can make happen for him to be baptized this saturday! 

also we have been teaching sara, i talked about her last week, we had everything planned for her to be baptized this week! but again the parents are out to foil our plans! her mom went anti mormon this week, which is funny because last week, she asked if we could pass by one day shen she is home for us to teach her too... and out of nothing... she hates mormons! hah but hoping that we can figure things out with her for her to let sara be baptized! 

i cant really remember what else happened this week.... the weeks like pass by in a blur and i dont even know what to write sometimes! so this is the update on the investigators! 

the transfer is coming to an end, we have two more weeks left, and its looking pretty possible that i will be transferred to a new area! but we'll see what happens! the mission is passing by really way to fast! i feel like yesterday that i was being dropped off at the curb of the MTC, and im already at 9 months... it is a little unreal to think about it! 

well i hope that everyone is having a great week! love you all and thanks for the emails! 

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