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Monday, July 7, 2014

Certinho! 7-7-14

well this week was freaking good! yes it deserves a freaking! haha 

so this week started out pretty normal, last p-day we played a ton of basketball, we played with our ward in the morning and then later that day we played with all the missionaries in our zone! that was super fun, but i was like an old man walking around for the next 3 days! i think im getting old or something! hah

i led my first district meeting this week! and i cant lie (because that would be a sin!) it was pretty good! haha but it was fun leading things for a change and we every one got real excited to work and stuff! it is really nice to be in a are full of excitement and faith compared to what was happening in Viçosa! its been a great change! 

this week we had lots of success finding new people to teach, we found 12 new people to teach this week and marked 10 of them to a date of baptism! so that was super exciting! it felt like after two weeks of working my butt off with no results finally paid off! it was great! this next week we should have the baptism of Ana Vitoria.. finally! hhaha after working with here for the last transfer and a half! but im really hoping that all goes well for that to happen this saturday

also did my first baptismal interview this week! that was pretty cool! felt some pressure but.. im pretty smooth so there were no problems there! ;) (dang sometimes i am so humble!) haha 

thrusday was the "welcome pres and sister gomes" meeting here. it was good, they seem cool but a little like greenie missionaries! it is a little funn! but im excited to see what i can learn from them! 

Sunday was good, we had 3 new people visit the church, so i was pretty psyched about that, only bummer about this week really is that i cought the cold on tuesday, and it hasnt gotten better yet! but other than that... life is pretty good here in paradise! 

Hope you all have a great week! it was awesome hearing for all of you! love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Até mais!!

Elder Ryan

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