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Monday, July 21, 2014

well here goes 7-21-14

so this week started out real good like. so we had this family night at the bishops house on monday night and they invitided this family to come and listen, we talked about the restoration and all that good stuff and it was super legit! spirit was super strong. really excited to be teaching a family, they are really special! 4 of the 5 members have a baptismal date for the 9 of august! (i cant remember if that is how you really write august.... ooops) but anyway that was awesome! 

We had a really god week of work, we had lots of success, only downer was that i got sick with some crazy jungle disease.. just kidding! i wish i could have seen the look on mom's face when she read that! but i did get a cold and that was annoying, every 10 steps i would start coughing my lungs out.. but what do you do?? 

we had lots of success acompanying our investigators progress for baptsim this week, one of the things that we were having a real problem with before so that was real good! 

had my first interview with president Gomes this week, that was really good! i really like him and am excited to learn from him.. he does have a lazy eye which did phase me a bit! haha but it was really good, he gave lots of advice and helped me out big time! 

this week i also did a division with Elder Martins in my district. as district leader, its my job to help out the other missionaries with all there problems and such! its kind of weird because i feel like i was needing the help of the DL like yesterday, and know im the one that everyone is looking too... its differnent and has its pressures, but it has helped me take my "Game" so to speak, to a new level, ive learned a lot! but it was a good Division, i really like Elder Martins, he only has 6 months but he will be a great leader and i really liked working with him! 

well this is the coolest thing that happened this week, so we have been teaching one of the freinds of one of the members here. she has really been liking reading the Book of Mormon and visiting the church, but was still feeling a little hesitant about being baptized. but on sunday the member went out of town, she notified that she wouldnt be going to church because she had no one to go with, but i was like.. a NO! haha but we walked to like freaking Narnia in our area to walk with her to church! she had a great experience, she told us during sacrament meeting that she was feeling something unlike anything she had ever felt (AKA the Spirit!!) but after the sunday school classes she came up to us and said, "I want to be Bpatized." my smooth response was "What??" out of disbelief of what i had just heard (Dang im smooth right??) but needless to say we have a baptism for this saturday and im super excited! sometimes God does things for you when you least expect it, and that makes it all the more better! 

So that was our week! it was great and things look like they are finally falling into place! 

Love you all and hope that you have a great  week! and Family, dont have too much fun at lake powell with out me!! 

Elder Ryan

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