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Monday, June 30, 2014

well now... 6-30-14

so lets just get down to the dirty details! so like i said there was a transfer this last week! to my surprise i was called as the new district leader here in the area! cant lie im pretty thrilled about that! 

things in the area are going about the same! we have been having lots of trouble finding new people to teach because of the holidays. (week of São João here) and the world cup, to sum things up, this week has been about complete craziness with all the drunks on the street and loud music!  but hoping that things start getting better! im super excited because our district is super young! im the oldest with 8 months on the mission, elder martins has 6, and he and i are both training new missionaries! its been a lore of fun with all of us super excited to work! makes the work more fun even when you arent having lots of sucess!

saturday was a nail biter for brazil! almost lost the chile, but they won in a shoot out! i have never heard so many yells and fireworks in my life! out house was shaking for about 2 hours straight after the game! (good thing we have skipbo to not bore our selfs to death during the games!) haha

well it was just a week of grit and spit and lots a duct tape work! haha but not to many results! actually when i think about it, we are still working way better than any other time of my mission, even when we are working bad! haha it is funny but nice for a change, to have a pattern of sucess other than of unsucess! its been great! for the first sunday in the area, we didnt have anyone visiting church, there goes our streak of 7 sundays ina row of having an investigator at church! but it was awesome while it lasted, cant lie! haha hoping that we can get ana vitoria baptized this week and also patrick.. two of our eternal investigators! haha but i think that things are finally going to go right this week!

well i hope that every one is doing well! i love hearing for you all! hope every one has a great week! amo todo de voces!! 

Elder Ryan

PS Brock Adams is like my favorite person here in the misison.. or was.. because he left now! haha but! he is awesome, he was my zone leader in my first area, and he helped me out tons! 

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