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Monday, June 2, 2014

what up from Maceió 6-2-14

well this week was all things that are good! hahha
it seems like every thing is falling into place in this area, it has been really great! this week we had zone conference! i played the piano and didn't completely choke! ( just a little) haaha but it was really good! learned a lot! Pres and Sister Gonzaga are great to hear from! the talks are really helpful and help´me get excited to be a missionary! was a great meeting! way nice to sit in a air conditioned chapel all day too! ;)
my companion this week got dengue fever! it has been a bummer! but he was a super stud and worked everyday this week until saturday! we had tons of success, finding lots of new people to teach and teaching the people that we had already found! just when i think that the members here have done all they can, they start helping even more! it was been mind blowin for me! really enjoying working with the members, it brings way more success! on saturday w went to the church early to fill the baptismal font, and my companion laid down while we were waiting, and he looked so dead that i called sister Gonzaga and she sent him to the hospital! he went the companion of my District leader, who we live with, because he too was sick! but they went to the hospital and were told they cant work for the next couple days! so i have been working with Elder Silva the last two days and it has been a hoot! it is really cool and we are basically the same person! we have had 2 of the same companions and we bothed passed in Viçosa. but it has been fun with him, but hoping that my companion can get back into working shape soon!
The story of the Week: so on wednesday night we were in a meeting for missionary work in the ward. we were just sitting there waiting for it to start and one of the ward missionaries walked in with a young man of 14 years. i  had already seen him at church and at all the church activities. i thought that he was already a member! so the ward missionary walked up to us and said, "this is anderson, he wants to be baptized!" well that was cool! so we taught him the next 2 days, he already knew everything because he hsa been visiting the church for the last 3 months and we baptized him this saturday! was legit! haha but just goes to show that the lord is the one doing the work! sometimes we are working and searching in very place we can think of, and the Lord is preparing the people and when we least expect it, they fall into our hands and we get the blessing of baptizing! haha but that was a cool experience!
well that about sums things up for this week! love you all!
Elder Ryan
PS mom skip bo has become a every night deal! We play one or two games everynight before we go to bed!

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