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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

well here you have it! 6-9-14

So this week was an interesting one! 

this week was a week of everything falling through! i feel like i have already said that about a few of the weeks (or many possibly!) of the mission!  but i have never had a week like this! seriously everything that we planned would fall through, and then a plan B would fall as well! but it was a good because i learned alot how important it is to be persistent! 

i dont think i have ever worked so hard! we walked so much and talked to tons of people, it was funny because at the end of the week, i was feeling sad about how we didnt have such a good week.. when we added up our numbers of the week, we had had one of the best weeks number wise, of my whole mission! even though it was super hard, im glad i didnt give up this week, because there were a few days when it just seemed like a better idea to go home and sleep! haha but for some reason, we just kept working.. (i think im going a little crazy! ahaha)

one good thing about this week is that we have been teaching a Ana Vitoria. she is progressing really well, she has already been to church three times and she probably knows more about the church than i do! i have never seen anyone search so much to know that something was true! it was hilarious because at church one of the sunday school teachers told her that she needed to be baptized this week so that the next sunday she could teach the class! it was hilarious. but she is a little nervous about baptism, but im hoping that we can help her out this week and that she will be baptized this saturday

things are going really great here overall! My companion is all better, after going to the hospital twice, but he is back to working shape! it is crazy how fast he is learning. he puts me to shame already and i have 6 more months than him! haha but things are great on this end! i love the area, love the people, and i love sharing the gospel! it is all things that are good! haha hoping that things can continue at least a little bit during the rest of the month seeing as the world cup is starting on tuesday. we have to stay at home during the hours of the games of brazil, so that will probably mean lots of skip bo! hahah but that is the report for the week! 

hope that everyone is well! appreciate all the emails and letters! boa semana pra voces! 

Elder Ryan!

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