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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Update 6-16-14

so first thing is first, im sure that you all are dying to know what is happening here in Maceió during the world cup, so lets just start this sucker off with all juicy details! so we arent aloud to leave out house during the days that Brazil plays, i didnt really know why at first but after thursday.. i understood why! the entire game, there are fireworks being lighted off.. and when brazil makes a goal... you just start hearing the entire city screaming!! and then start even more fireworks.. and then the fires in the middle of the roads! it is freaking madness it is soo sweet! to bad that we cant leave the house! but it was so loud at the end of the first game when brazil won, that our house started shaking a little bit! so Dope! hahahaha

but now the update on the work! so it is pretty tough to find new people to teach because everyone is always watching a game of the cup! it is pretty annoying, cant lie! haha but we have learned a little better this week how to work for referals from the members, and also working with less actives and finding new people through them! but it was a good week over all, really different because of the cup, but over all was good! we had planned this week the baptism of Ana Vitoria, our over prepared investigator, who i am pretty sure knows way more than i do about the gospel! but out district leader did the interview, and she passed with flying colors, like he said that he was in shock a little bit! haha but she doesnt want to be baptized yet, even though she believes it all.. she is even doing personal progress... like even the active members dont do that! haha its an interesting situation, but im hoping for a moment of inspiration this week to discover what it is that she needs help with this week! 

everything is good with me and my companion! really liking working with him, we really click and work well together! he is really good, for only having one month on the mission, he surprises me everyday with the things that he does! either im a super good trainer... (i think to think that this is the reason! hahaha) or he came super prepared (the real reason! haha) 

this week was elder Cordeiro´s birthday, and the members, his family back home and I planned 2 suprise parties for him! the first was on saturday night in the church, he couldnt believe it, it was awesome! and the second was on sunday night, one of the members planned a family night in her house, and he was all psyched because she told him that she would bring some new investigators for us to teach.. and then when he got there , there was the surprise party! it was hilarious because after he told me that he was a little sad because there wereny investigators there! hahaha he cracks me up sometimes! but it was a good weekend because we ate lots of cake! haha 

things are really good here in the ward im in! we had ward counsel this last week and it was all things that were good because all the members got all excited to help us, and started asking us when they could visit our investigatores with us! it really makles all the differences in missionary work to have the members always helping you! 

also this is the last week of pres Gonzaga.. a little strange to think that he is already leaving and that we will have a new pres soon! 

but all things are good here in paradise! hoping that we can have a little more sucess during this month of soccer games! but all is well! 

but that is it from me! boa semana por todos! 

Elder Ryan

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