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Monday, June 23, 2014

8 months... whoa 6-23-14

well this week will mark 8 months already.. that passed by freaking fast! haha but it is the end of the transfer here, and it passed by faster than all the others! it feels like time just goes by faster and faster everyday and i dont have any time in a day anymore! haha 

this week was a good one! not a whole lot to report on, nothing super funny or cool happened, but what do you do about it?? haha but the work is actually continuing surprisingly well! we arent teaching as many people as i would like, but things havent completely stopped like i thought they would this month! (except on the days of brazil games!) 

things are great with my companion! we really get along great and we joke around and laugh tons! really have been loving the area, just about everything here in our area! its has been really great! the work is as hard as ever and there are the stressors of that, other than that.. all is well in paradise! 

bought a basketball this week! today we played lots! hahah unfortunately i couldnt manage to dunk anymore.. that is a little sad!  haha but i think we will be playing every day this week for exercises! that should be great (shaw if you are reading this you will be sad.. because im not fat yet! hahah) 

well hoping that we will have 2 baptisms for this week... they arent super commited.. but hopefully all will work out well! sorry that this email is super lame and without lots of excitment! mas fazer o que??

thanks for the emails! love you all and hope you all have a good week! 

Elder Ryan

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