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Monday, November 17, 2014

the first week of the Transfer! 11-17-14

alrighty so the biggest news is who is my new companion!  Elder Gauchay, from Orem utah, he is 6 foot 4, so the first time ive been shorter than my companion, and my first american comp, he has one year and 7 months , so he is finishing up, he was teh secretary of the mission for 7 months, so i already knew him before he got here! he is way cool, he likes the Lakers... so that is a problem! ;) but other than im really liking working with him! 

I was Called as Zone Leader A this week as well, something i wasnt really expecting, but the challenges keep coming! president has already called me a couple times this week, asking me to go and solve a couple of problems here in the zone! one thing is for sure, being Zone leader is never boring!

investigator wise, things are good. president took one of the companionships from the ward here and put them in a new city where the church was opened! so now we have inherited both areas and all of there investigators! WAHOO!! we have been working with some new people there and the members there are helping a ton! things are really looking up! 

Carmelita, this little old lady that me and elder Lima had been teaching for like... forever!! finally accepted a date for baptism, should be this saturday if all goes well! so happy to finally see here make the changes necessary to follow christ, this week she threw out all of her coffee without us even asking! it was awesome!! 

Islei and Mécia, our couple that we are working with are doing awesome as well! right now we are just waiting for the papers to pass through the courts and we can do the wedding! shouldnt be more that 2 weeks now! really hoping that we can baptize them the second week of december! but they are changing so much! cool to see how reading the scriptures and praying as a family has changed their lives so much for the better! they are way happeir now than the first time that i taught them! this week they asked us when they could go to the temple!! it was so cool, glad to know that they are already looking at the big picture to have their family sealed! loving helping them and seeing the changes! 

really the mission has been great,so gald that i came, i have had so many experiences and challanges that have changed and shaped me for the better! the mission sure hasnt been easy, as a matter of fact its been pretty dang hard, but there is no where i would rather be! "spreading the good word" as my friend shaw always writes me, really is the best! the Good Word has changed my life in the last year, and i have watched change the lives of many more! 

love you all tons! thanks for your letters and your prayers! hope that everyone is doing well that you cheer for the jazz and play some super smash bros on the N64 in my honor! love you all!! 

Elder Ryan 

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