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Monday, December 1, 2014

White Christmas! 12-1-14

alrighty so here we go again, one more week down and out, and november is already gone.. wow that passed by so fast! feels like yesterday that it started!! 

So to start out thanksgiving was pretty crumby here! our lunch appointment fell through and so we had like no money (because it was the end of the month) and so we made some rice and some noodles.. yeah it was the worst thanksgiving feast ever!! hahaha but all is well, there isnt much that i could do about it! 

this week was a  busy one! we have been having a hard time with finding investigators at home and trying to acompany them on the commitments that we make with them! all in all, lots of the people that we were teaching this week wont continue! its hard just to stop teaching the people that we have been working with so long and hard to be baptized, but when they stop progressing, we have to let them go! 

but on the bright side of things we had lots of success on taking people to church/ the members bring some of their neighbors! we had 8 people watch sacrament meeting! the most people i have ever had at church! it was legit! we are looking to work with these people really closely so thaty they can be baptized in the coming weeks to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! it is gonna be awesome! feeling really good about this month, really hoping that we can make the miracles happen and that we help lots of people be baptized!! 

we are working with Vitoria. she is 10 and her older brother and sister were baptized about 5 years ago in a different ward, after tehy moved into our ward boundries thy stopped going to church, that was about 3 years ago. this sunday they all went to church and she is really excited for her baptism this week! should be awesome! 

well i think that is about it on this weekly report! we are working tons, like always, just trying to do the best i can everyday! live everyday like its my last! hope every one is doing well! that you all had a good thanksgiving and that you are all getting pumped for the WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! love you all! 

Elder Ryan

Ryan was hoping to have a White Christmas this year in spite of the 90 degree weather...and it looks like they had one!  

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