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Monday, December 8, 2014

well well 12-8-14

so just to get this email started.. we baptized this week!! the start of white christmas!! the start of all the miracles that are gonna happen this month! we baptized Vitoria! it was awesome, not many people showed up for the baptism, which was a bummer but normal here in the north east! something that has always bothered me a bit was the lack of support from the members! its like they want the ward to grow, but they dont really want to do anything to help! haha but just keep working hard and hoping that the members here get the fever for a white christams as well!! 

about the investigators! we are still teaching Islei and Mecia! they are doing awesome! they go to church every week and are even giving referals and helping us teach! we are just waiting for the marriage papers to leave the court, which is a process that takes longer than non other! but should leave this week so that we can marry them and baptize them before the end of the year! about Isac, he lives in a city that doesnt have to church, so we have taught him a couple times by telephone, but if he cant come to church at least one time a month here, we cant baptize him, which is rough because it is really expensive to take a bus from his city to aracaju! so its still a work in process! Carmelita.. well she opted out, really sad because i had been teaching her for so long, but no matter how bad that i want her to accept the gospel and repent, she has to want it to! maybe some time in the future?? we had lots of success this week finding new people to teach, the most interested is named Bernadete, she is the mother of a family that is completely members, she has a bunch of church books and material and stuff. but she is marked for the 20th, she told us that the only way that she would be baptized is if it was in a river! so looks like we are gonna have to find river here that isnt poluted so that we can baptize her! ;) 

things with elder gauchay are great! and yes mom, Lisa Gauchay is his cousin! small small world right?/ i really hope that i stay one more transfer with him! especially so that i can acompany the progress of Islei and Mecia! but i already asked Pres, lets just wait and see what the lord has planned now! 

had a Zone meeting this week! it was a little rushed planning wise! but it was really good, elder Gauchay had this video clip of yoda, the "do or do not" seen when luke is on dagobah! so we passed it in our meeting! it was so legit!! Yoda is basically a prophet!! So hoping that our zone can start doing!!

heres a part in portuguesse, just for kicks! 
Realmente essa semana foi bom demais! estou muito grato por os experiencias que estou tendo aqui na missão, por todo a aprendizado quem tem acontecido essa ano passado, por o oportunidade de melhorar me próprio jeito de pensar e agir, para que eu posso fazer as coisas mais como O Salvador ia fazer! Estou grato por o sacrificio dele, e por a ajuda que ele tem me dado nessas passados 12 meses! amo todos voces e desejo um bom semana e mes pra voces!! Vamos ter um Natal branca!! 

Hey Fam: skype call, how are we gonnna plan this? what is the best day for you guys, i can on the 23, 24, 25 ,or 26?? let me know, and what is the time difference? like im pretty sure that i really messed up the time difference the last time! haha! love you all and cant wait to see you!! 

Love you all!! 

Elder Ryan

This was titled...RETURN OF THE RAPTOR....a few of you may have experienced Ryan's random pre-mission raptor moments-- imagine the sound affects and the special gait! 

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