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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas and stuff like that 12-29-15

right so it was good to see you fam this week on the skype call! it freaked me out just how grown up Rachel and Andria are now... like i swear they were just little kids when i left! but it was good to talk with you all and glad to know that you all got a kick out of my speaking fast! ;)

so lets get to the run down of what has been happening during my life during the holidays! so this week was a little tough to work, especially on Christmas Eve and Day... it was like freaking crazy drinking and dancing fest with fireworks at like 4 in the morning! visiting people and finding people at home was a bit rough... but good news, Islei and Mécia invited us to eat dinner at their house, it was fun. they have become like my family here, so glad they are getting married soon (the 10th) and will be baptized! on Christmas day, we went to another area in our zone where we met up with all the Elders here and we did a Churrasco, or a brazilian style barbaque! it was a hoot, we had this brazilian that said that we weren't putting enough salt on the meat, so he drowned all of it in barbecue salt.... lets just say that it was more like eating salt with meat, other than meat with some salt! but it was still fun!

We also had a Ward party this week. it was really well organized, probably the best organized event that ive seen thus far in my mission. it was great. it was a good opportunity for the recent converts and investigators get to know the members better.. Plus there was really good food!  so it was a success! 

this week we started teaching Carol. she was a reference from Aparecida, our recent convert here. she is 17 and she is super prepared to receive the Gospel. she has been keeping all the commitments that we have given her and she went to church this week too! really nice to have some one who is really progressing! her baptism is marked for the 9th of january. it is so interesting how much help it is to have Aparecida there. her testimony is so strong and it is amazing to see how her testimony has such an impact on the people we teach when she visits with us! a member can make all the difference! 

One of the cool things about being in this area so long is that i have seen so much progress in the ward, in the recent converts and stuff like that! its been so cool to see the people change their lives and live better lives because of the Gospel! makes me so grateful that i decided to go on the mission! There really is no where else i would rather be! 

well january is looking like its gonna be a good month and 2015 is looking like its gonna be a pretty good year.... 2014 passed by way to fast.. but i guess that is what happens when you love what you are doing! hope that everyone has a great new years fest and that you blow some stuff up for me!! 
 Love you all! thanks for the letters and pics!! 

Elder Ryan
Churrasco, or a brazilian style barbaque--Elder Style! 

Dinner with Islei and Mécia family on Christmas Day

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