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Monday, December 15, 2014

christmas and transfers! 12-15-14

alright so this week was a good one! wasnt very white, but things are still looking good for the next couple weeks! so here is the run down! 

This wednesday was Chirstmas Conference! it was really good! Pres Gomes gave a really awesome talk! after being pretty lost for the last 3 months, his feet are back on the ground! starting to get better control of things! really enjoyed it! he talked about using our time to the fullest on the mission. using every moment we have to do what we will never be able to do after these two years! it reminded me of Dad's famous quote, "leave it all on the court". hoping that i can leave it all on the court this last year!! 

also in the christmas conference i threw my self into the loop of the talent show! me and a brazilian, Elder Fernandes, who speaks english, sang White Christmas!! it was so legit! had a lot of fun! i would send the video but it is way to big to send over email, but one day ya'll will see it! 

about the investigators: so this week was another tought one, of leaving the investigators and having to find new people to teach.. seems like the never ending struggle that has been happening my whole mission! haha i dont think that it will change anytime soon either!! 
Islei and Mécia got in a huge fight this week.. it was rough, scared the crap out of me! we had some pretty intense lessons about the plan of salvation and forgiveness! we had lots of help from the members which was good, really the members make all the diference! they give them the support and comfort that they need to continue on making these life changing steps in their lives! But all is better now! they were at church all dressed up nice! ill send a picture! feeling really blessed to see these changes happen in their lives and im so happy that i have been a part of it!

other investigators.. if we had some real progress with them.. i would talk about them.. but for now.. now much! 

This sunday was a really exciting one! we had a change of bishop here in the ward!! thank goodness too! the bishop was awesome, i really liked him, but he was bishop for 9 years... yeah lets just say that he was tired! but the new bishop is way legit! super excited to work with him! things are really looking up in the area! 

and that take us to the Transfer! because of the changes that took place and all the success that ive had with Gauchay, i really wanted to stay in the area! and my prayers were answered! im staying 6 more weeks here in Siqueira Campos and im supre psyched! really feeling like we are gonna have lots of sucess here!! 

Well i hope that everyone is doin well back home! miss you all and love you all!! Tem um ótimo semana!! 

Elder Ryan

Elder Ryan Islei and Mécia family and Elder Gauchay from Orem, UT

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