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Monday, May 4, 2015

Alrighty 5-4-15

Hey yall! things are going great on this side of the planet! here is the latest news on what has been happening!

this week was Marise's baptism. it was awesome! it has been such a great expereince. she has changed so much. she was so sad and enfronting so many problems, and as she lived the things we taught it was incredible to see the changes that have happened. she was really happy on saturday. Larissa was also thrilled! great to see a family in united in the Gospel! 

here is the update on investigators! 
Ronni and Milena: this week was great with them, we taught them just about every day and they had some really great experiences with the church and the spirit and they accepted to be baptized this saturday! they are really excited and have been progressing really well, we also started teaching their sister and brother, and this sunday they went to church, and they really liked it! things are going well! The members have realy been helping out with them as well

Lucas: Went to church this week, really liked it. when he got there, he knew like almost everyone there! he felt really at home. it was awesome to see just how happy the members were to see him in the church. things are going well with him!

Camilla: She also went to church again this week! she has really been needing the gospel, this week when we visited her, she started talking to us and telling us how she was praying that God could show her the way, and we should up! Bam! that was legit! she is marked to be baptized on the 9th as well!

Josival and Crenilda: they are doing well.. the progress hasnt been quite so great about the marriage process, they are kind of going slow.. but crenilda stopped smoking this week, so that was awesome, and josival went to church again! so that was awesome! they said that this week they will start the papers so that they can get married! 

Really liking the area, its been realyl fun here, we have been working realy hard and finding lots of awesome people to teach and have been having tons of sucess, this week the ward had a huge party and all the members really made our investigarors feel at home! things are going really well here! hoping that i can stay here until the end of my mission, things are just falling into place! 

my whole mission i always wanted to help people recieve the gospel and be baptized , but i think that my motives werent always the best. most of the time i think i was wanting to be recognized by my fellow missionaries as "the Missionary" and i had some sucess in my mission, i was able to teach people and work my self to death, but it was always missing something. but now i think i have learned something really important. Just love the people and that is when the miracles really happen! just forget yourself and love everyone that is around you. and then God does the rest. Ive been seeing real miracles here in the area and im really loving the people that im teaching and the members here in the ward! things are going great! 

Love you all, thanks for writing and your prayers! boa Semana! 

Elder Ryan

hope that everyone is doing well! 

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