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Monday, May 11, 2015

Here is what is going on! 5-11-15

Hey Yall! here is what is happening in Maceio Brazil!
So winter is starting up here... but that hasnt really made a difference temperature wise! its still super hot here and im getting sunburned like non other! but on the other hand, it did rain like 3 times during the week... to bad it was at night time... so we didnt get a break from the hot brazilian sun!

This week was really busy, there have been some problems in the Zone, so we had to do 2 divisions, it was a good time. but its hard to travel from the area and leave it with out work, but the divisions were good. as the zone leaders we always go with plans to teach the other missionaries, but i always feel like i always learn more than i teach. things i learned on the divisions this week: 
1. our choices to be obedient dont just affect us, the effect our companion as well.. so be obedient! 
2.because newbies dont always know where to go, they are amazing at having the spirit guide them... sometimes i think i need to stop and let the spirit guide instead of thinking that i already know everything teaching wise! 
3. The lord blesses us with happiness and sucess when we forget ourselves and do work!
this week we also had leadership counsel with president, all the Zone leaders in the mission and met up and president and the assistents gave trainings about revelation! president talked about how normally we just complain that things arent going well, when we work hard and try to do what is right, but sometimes we start trying to do our mission, and not the mission of the lord. how we need to remember that effort and doing what is right, but if we forget to look for revelation in our work and do what the spirit is telling us to do, we can ley many things pass us by and miss the miracles! it was a really interesting training! learned a ton! hoping to work more with revelation these last 5 months!
here is the news about the investigators:

Ronny and Myllena were baptized this week! it was so awesome. its beenm amazing to see the changes that have happened, both in behaviors and in spirit. when people are baptized and confirmed, something really special happens, and im not really sure how to explain it, but it just shows in the light in their eyes. it is great to be a part of the miracles that have happened in their lives! Ruan and Mirelly, (their brother and sister) are progressing well to be baptized this week! best of all their mom, Lucimar went to church this week! really excited to see the whole family slowly make its way to baptize, one by one!
Camilla: she is doing well, she has some troubles about the church standards, such as tatoos and peircings. its kind of been a road block, but we are hoping that we can help her have a good spiritual experience so that she can make this last step to be baptized this week!
Lucas: he is living the commandments and going to church but he really has no time for us to teach him. but things are looking good for him to be baptized this month!
Josival and Crenilda: they are doing awesome! they organized a bunch of papers so thattomorrow we can go get the wedding process started! they are really awesome, really receptive to our teachings, and working really hard on stopping to drink! hopefully they will be baptized this month as well!

João and Joelma: this week a miracle took place with them. Joelma is a member that is coming back to church and she lives with João, who is wanting to be baptized, but she has been reluctant in getting married with him, but this week she found out that some one she knew died with out getting sealed to her family.. it really touched her, and she told us how she let some small things get in the way of her recieving the greatest blessings of the gospel! it was an awesome lesson, the whole family was crying and they are getting things ready so that they can get married! MIRACLES!!!

that is the update on the investigators. things are going really well! really loving the area and my comp, Elder Carvalho, we are having a great time and great success!
hope that everyone is doing well! love you all!

Elder Ryan

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