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Sunday, December 29, 2013

send me lots of packages! ;) hhaha 12-23-13

 DECEMBER 23, 2013

hey everyone!

i hope everything is going well for you and that you are all hving a great holiday season and getting lots of awesome presents for christmas.. and sending me lots of packages! ;) hhaha

weeelll this week was way better than last week! its amazing how much more portugues i can understand and speak after just 2 weeks! it truly is a miracle! its not like im fluent or anything but i can see a graduale improvement everyday! its good stuff!! 

this week we had mission confernece! it was good, i got to meet lots of people in my mission and see all my friends that were in the mtc with me! it was awesome to see how All of them had progressed so much in the language after just one week! the only downer about it is that the conference was in maceio, which is 3 hours from arapiraca! so there was a total of 6 hours in a bus.. great fun! ahaha, but other than that it was good!

so i thought that i would be eating a ton of rice and beans when i got here, but i actually havent eaten like any! i mostly eat pasta, which is nice, except the members here are trying to make me fat so they can eat me for christmas dinner or something because every time we eat at a members house, they just keep piling food on my plate until im at the point of explosion! haha 

this week we found 7 new investigators, and marked 2 of them to baptism, so i should have my first baptism by the 2 week of january! i am pretty excited about that! one of out investigators found us, his name is john, he saw us teaching a lesson, waited for us to finish, and then asked us if we could teach him! it was pretty cool, we taught him and he came to church with us and he said he liked it a lot! speaking of church, in my first ward meeting here in brazil, the bishop asked me to give a talk! hahah lets just say it was like 2 minutes long! haha but all the members said they could understand me, so i was pretty proud about that! haha! also we taught paula, and investigtor we met on the street, 3 lessons this week! on the final lesson, which was sunday night, we taught her for 3 hours, she had so many questions and it just went on for forever, but at the end we bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of our message and by the end of this everyone was crying and the spirit was so strong! it was awesome, and because of this we were able to mark a date for bptism! it was awesome!

well that pretty much sums up my week, we taught lessons, clapped at doors, walked like 40 miles probs, and it was awesome! i love my mission so much, ive learned so much abot my self and about our purpose here on earth. i have learned that true happiness comes from living the gospel of jesus christ and serving others! 

i miss you all and hope everything is going smooth for you! 

Mom: the address you can send stuff to is the mission home address, and it should be in my call packet, if you cnt find it ill have it when i call on christmas! about the call, it will be on christmas, not sure what time! haha but just expect it on christmas at some point!!

love you all! have an awesome christmas!!

Elder Ryan

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