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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year! December 30

first off, family, it was great to see all of your wonderful faces and hear your voices! i miss you all and it was great talking to you!

this week was a hard one! it was really hard to fund people who would listen to us this week because of christmas and all but i have lots of hope for this week! 

this week 2 of our main investigators moved.. it was a bummer! but the other missionaries in that area said that they would make sure they baptized them for us! haha so that was a bummer, we only have one real investigator right now, so this week is basically going to be a searching week were we will try and find new people to teach! 

also this week elder soares accidentaly dropped our cell phone and it broke! haha so that made things a little tricking because we couldnt confirm our appointments and we ended up having to walk to there houses, but for the most part no one was home, so that was a bummer because we would walk a ton just to turn around! haha 

on the bright side! we have running water as of today!!! haha it is a miracle!! im just hoping it lasts for more than 3 days, unlike last time! haha

this week i played the piano in sacrement meeting, and that was a exciting seeing as i had never practiced any of the hymns that we sang! haha but it was fun! i missed playin! also this week i became the sewing csar of the house! it turns out that none of the elders i live with know how to sew so this week i sewed a bunch of shirts and pants! haha it looks like mrs wasmers class is coming in handy after all! haha also saw my first sunset in brazil! its crazy, i have never seen one because normally we are teaching at that time! but it was really cool! its really differnet without mountains! haha

spiritual thing of this week! my companion said it was my turn to pick a house to knock on and i saw this house really far down the street with a light on in the front, and i just got this feeling that we needed to go there! My companion i think was a little skptical because that area had already been tracted, but we did it anyway and we found this family who was super in active, like 6 years! and the son was baptized when he was ten, but doesnt really remember much about church, so we taught them a lesson and he said that he really wants us to come back! it was cool! it just goes to show that if you have a hunch, and its good thing, you need to follow it, becuase you dont know what you might miss! 

well that is my weekly update! also i need to say this.... IM SO HAPPY THE JAZZ BEAT THE LAKERS!!!!!! hahaha 

happy new year to all! i love and miss all of you!

Elder Ryan

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