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Monday, January 6, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 1-6-14

well this new year for me was passed sleeping! haha i was so tired that as soon as we got home that night i fell asleep! i was awoken by my companion screaming and running through our house at 12! hahha it was pretty funny! but over all it was a pretty strange day and didnt really feel like new years!

this week was a good one! on the final day of the year we found 3 new investigators, and when we taught them, i just started speaking and teaching without even thinking about it! IT WAS AWESOME!! hahah my companion said that at the end of the lesson i sounded like a brazilian! haha so that was really cool, im no where near being fluent, but now when we teach i can talk without stressing out and its getting to be really fun! 

on wednesday we met this old lady and we started teaching her.. but everntually she just started talking and telling us her life story and started giving us a tour of here house! overall we where talking ( well actually i think in total me and my companion said like 10 words each ahah) to her for 2 hours! i think if we had let her she would have talked to us all night! she was pretty funny! 

this week we dropped a investigator. this first of my mission! it was sad for me! because during our lessons she really felt the spirit! during one everyone present cried, the spirit was so strong, but she wasnt keeping any of the commitments so we had to drop her. it was sad! 

but this week we found 2 new investigatos who im really excited for! samuel and thaisa! they are awesome! they both really got into our lessons and are reading the book of mormon and all that good stuff! im hopeful that by the end of this month, i will have my first drowning.. i mean baptism! haha so that im really excited for!

the only problem i have with the mission is that everytime i bear my testimony and the spirit is strong during our lessons.. i start to choke up and almost cry... dang it! haha but other than that! things are really great! 

hope everyone had an awesome new years! love you all and read the book of mormon! its sooo sick man!! ahahahaha 

Elder Ryan

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