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Monday, January 20, 2014

The daily prophet! haha 1-20-14

well that is one transfer down.. only like.. yeah i have no idea how many more i have! haha but its crazy how fast this transfer went! it seems like yesterday that i was arriving here in maceio! and its already been 6 weeks! crazy!! 

this tuesday i had my first interview with president gonzaga!  and it was good! when he started the meeting, he asked me how i was so happy, he said that most americans durring the first months of the mission are like depressed! haha i dont understand why! i mean the language is hard, but in all honesty the mission is a hoot! haha i mean there are times when you want to die because its so hot and you are dead tired, times when you think you will never understand, times when you are disappointed because your investigatores dont want to meet any more, but really its the happeist ive ever been! i dont know how to explain it, but i really just feel so happy! haha but the interview was good! and he told me at the end that i speak really well! so that was awesome! 

Also this week i got one of the packages that you sent! ( the mission ties one) and it was awesome! i loved all the treats and so did the other 3 elders in the house!! thanks so much mom and dad! it was great!

this week there was a little bit of excitment about the water situation!.. we almost ran out! haha we only had like one buckets worth of water left, and we werent sure when we would have water again! but about 30 minutes later, we had runing water!! Miracle! haha 

this week overall was good! we are continuing to work with Taísa and anderson! ( not sure if i talked about them already) but they are good and she is really excited to be baptized! we have the wedding planned for the 28 in the morning and the baptism that night! so im pretty stoaked for that! also this week we started teaching max! he is good but has lots of problems with the word of wisdom... as usual with people here! we dont have a date for him yet, but he told us that he knows that it is true and told us that he wants to be baptized! we were a little unsure about him, but when he told us that, i wanted to jump up and give him a hug i was so excited haha! but that was really awesome! the only bummer about this week was on saturday, literaly all of our appointments fell through.. like all of them, and we spent most of the day tracting.. with no sucess! so that was a hard day! but other than that, this week was a good one! 

also this week i had a dream that was half in portugues!! i was freaking out when i woke up! is weird but ive started to realize that i think lots of times in portugues! the language is coming really well! and its been fun! the gift of tongues is so real! because sometimes during lessons i wont know how to explain someting, but ill just start trying to respond and all of the sudden ill be saying words and explaining things that i didnt know i could! its sweet! 

funny moment of this week! we probably talk to a drunk person everyday, but on sunday this drunk guy saw us from pretty far off and he started running at us (this guy.. he was huge! i mean i havent seen many people more ripped than him!0 at first i was terrified he was gonna beat the crap out of us! haha but then he started talking to us, he told us that he was a messenger of god as well! haha we asked him what his name was and he responded.. Slivania ( kisses both his biceps) da silva.. a Montanha! hahahaha i was tryin so hard not to laugh! classic! 

well that is about all i have for this week! hope all is well for you all and i love and miss you all! 

Elder ryan!

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