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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The happenings of the mission! 1-28-14

como está tudo mundo? eu espero que tudo é certo lá!

here is the update for this week! 

to be honest i cant really remember what things happened on what day! haha the days seem to blend together and the mission kind of feels like just one massive day! haha but today is my 3 month mark!! holy crap! i really cant believe it! it has passed so fast! it feels like yesterday that i was being dropped off at the curb in provo! crazyness! 

but this week (some day earlier in the week.. cant remember which!) we went to a different city in our area to meet with an investigator! this city is like 10 miles from out house so we took a bus (which was like riding a roller coaster! it was super fun! haha) we got there and were trying to find the house where she lived! ( her name is josiane) at this point i hadnt even met her yet, soares had talked to her when he was on a transfer with our zone leaders! but he talked about her like he was in love with her! hhaha it is hilarious! he was always telling me ´Elder ryan! nós precisamos falar com josiane!! ela é um eleito!´haha but any way, so we got to this city and were trying to find her house, we got lost for about an hour and a half till we eventually found her house, and when we got there... she wasnt home! haha so that was a bummer, but we eventually were able to meet with her the next day ( i think) and it was good! it was like Soares dream come true! hahha 

this week we have been working a lot with Max. i cant remember if i talked about him yet, but we have been teaching him for 2 weeks now and he is going to be baptized tomorrow!! im super psyched for that! he will be my first baptism! but the coolest part about meeting with him this week was one day we had no idea what we should do to help him with the word of wisdom and law of chasity, and during the opening prayer of out lesson i was just praying to know what we should do! and when we started the lesson, i just started talking and he told us all about his difficulties, i shared some scriptures and we had an awesome lesson! at the end of the lesson, he told us that he was ready to be baptized and that he was ready to live the comandments! it was an awesome experience for me! 

the thing i learned most this week was that it is really important to love the people you teach! you cant look at them as investigators.. i mean they are investigating.. but they need to be your friend more than anything! you to help them with there difficulties and just be their friend. if you can do this, you can help them so much more! 

this week we also knocked on a ton of doors.. and got rejected like everytime! so that was kind of a bummer! but you have to try right? 

this week one of the elders in my house got nerf guns... LET THE BATTLES BEGIN!! hahaha but  we have had lots of fun with those! maybe more than we should... haha

over all this week was a really good one and im super excited for tomorrow

hope all is well for all of you there! love and miss you all! love hearing from all who write and recieving the pictures! keep sending them! 

love you all! 

Elder Ryan

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