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Monday, January 13, 2014

Whats up whats up?? 1-13-14

hello family and friends!

come vão todos?? 

hope all is well for you all! here is the update for this week!

this week was a good one! we worked harder than we have yet and it showed! we worked with a couple, anderson and taísa, anderson is a member, but taisa is an investigator, but they decided to get married this week so that she could be baptized so that was super awesome! marriages are pretty tough down here but we are hopeful that it will come through by next week! its been great working with them and everytime we teach them the spirit is so strong and its just a great expereince! also on monday we taught an investigator, and at the end of the lesson he told me that i was almost fluent!!  heck yeah!

this week we also did divisions! on wednesday i was with elder valdivia and he was awesome! i have never met some one so enthused and fun to work with! during the one day that i was with him, we taught 7 lessons ( in a week i normally teach 8 or 9) so that was a way cool expercience! had lots of fun with him! also did a division with elder henrique, he is our zone leader, and he is a stud, he let me do a lot of the talking which was way fun for me and good practice! he taught me that you have to do all that you can before you give up on an investigator and that you have to just love the people you teach with all of your heart! the best part about the divisions though was that i realized that i can actually speak portuguese and understand most of what is going on! MIRACLE! hahah but it was a great experience! im no where near fluent but, but i can say what i need to say without to much diffuclty and its awesome! cant wait to keep improving! 

the only bummer on this week was that on sunday i got sick! the first time of the mission! but it was to bad because we had a great day scheduleded and we had to cancel all of our appointements! :( but dont worry mom! it was just the flul, and im fine now! dont go calling the president telling him that i need medical attention and such! hahaha ;)

overall things are hard, but good! loving it down here even though its bloody hot! haha

hope all is well for all back home! love and miss you all! 

até mais!

elder ryan

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