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Monday, February 24, 2014

The News of the Mission! 2-24-14

so this week was sooo crazy!

started out normal and it seemed like we could finish this transfer (which endsnext tuesday) strong with about 3 more baptisms! so we were pretty psyched for that! 

on wednesday we were cleaning out the font for Taísa's baptism, we had to empty it with buckets because the drain was broken!  so that was exciting! so we cleaned ou all the worms and nasty things like that, then when we were filling it up, we realized that the font had a leak so we spent like the next 2 hour trying to figure out where it was and then when we found it, how to clog the hole.. we used gum! haha!

but on thursday we had to get up at 4 in the morning to go to maceio for zone conference! and that was realy good! got to see a couple of people that i gt hre with and see our progress with language! also i had to play the piano and that was nerve wracking! but over all it was good and i learned lots! we had to leave early because of taísa's baptism... and on the bus ride home we got a phone call from the secretery infrorming me that i had been emergency transferred! so we baptized taísa on my last day in the area! went out with a bang! hahaha but the next was spent packing bags and visiting a few people there in the ward, nd leaving for maceio again! i was really sad to leave! i really like arapiraca and me and soares were really starting to hit our stride together! 

Met my new companion, his name is Elder Arreas, he is a brazilian who only has 3 monts left in the mission. he is a little bit of a goof but its all good. out new area is called Viçosa. it is a tiny city in the mountains on the edge of alagoas, the closest city to Recife! but it is a cool place, has tons of hills cows and it reminds me of a brazil version of truckie in california! haha but it should be fun here, i live with all brazilians so bye bye to english! haha but the branch here is really small, like 25 people but the members here are way cool and they help out the missionaries aton! 

well tht is about it for the week! right now im sunburned like crazy! things are kind of hard, but good! hope that all is well there for you all. love and miss you all! 

elder Ryan

PS mom my shoe size is 10 and a half.. that is all i know size wise. but eccos are the best type of shoe, ill let you know about the shirts next week! thanks tons!!

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