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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Update ( Ryan's B-day) 2-10-14

Thank you all for the happy birthdays and for all the updates on what is happening in the real world! 

GO JAZZ!! so glad they beat the Heat! and how is the US doing in the olympics?? keep me updated please!!

but this week was such a good one! it was hard, but really good! i realized this week, that i feel so much better about the day when we get home for the night and i literally am so tired that i fall asleep during our planning session.. yeah that happened to me this week! haha

but this week we started working in an area in the far corner of our area! its called nova esperança! (New Hope) whenever we go there i start thinking in star wars! haha but i really like working there! the people are really receptive and it has lots of potential! the only problem is its like 45 minutes of walking to get there! haha! but this week we taught 14 lessons! which was a really good week for us! one of the best we have had together! things between me and my companion have gotten loads better and things are looking up! 

this week also had a division with the zone leader! his name is Elder Webber! he  was so fun to work will! we have really similar styles and we taught 6 lessons in one day and it was so fun to work with him! he is way funny and we had a great time talking about american stuff and working together! learned lots from him about how to be more efficiant and direct! was really good! 

 also this week, me, Elder Adams, and Elder Webber stayed up till 2 am talking about the purpose of life and how the mission has affected us! that was probably my favorite part of the week... but the rest of the week, it was pretty hard to wake up in the morning! hahha

also one of our investigators will be married tomorrow!! so that means we can finally baptize her! hahah she has been a investigator for almost 2 months now! haha but im super ewxcited for that! 

really that is about all that i have to report on! it wasnt a week of much happenings! just a week of teaching and finding new people! but things are great here! 

Love you all and loved the birthday letters!!

Elder Ryan!

Ps hannah im sorry im too lazy to capitalize!! hahah

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