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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekly words of wisdom! haha 2-17-14

so this week was a hard but really good! 

started out will the marriage of one of our investigators!! she has been an investigator for almost for 2 months!! so we are finally gonna be able to baptize her this week! we are pretty pumped for that! that night i bought myself a good size birthday cake and through myself a party! haha 

we started teaching this family and they are really awesome! it is kind of funny how we found them! a drunk lady stopped us on the street and asked us to help her get home! so we helped her get to the house of here cousins! and the next day we came back and started teaching them! haha just gotta take every opportunity you get right?? but they are awesome! they told us that they were waiting for something like the gospel and that when we showed up with their drunk cousin that they knew that it was for a reason and that we could help them! that was a way cool experience for me! they are a great family. Adriano, Nirede, and two daughters, one who has special needs! this makes it difficult for them to get to church, but im just excited to help them in any way we can! we taught them both how to pray after the first lesson, and they both started crying! the spirit was bem forte! was a way cool experience! 

also started teaching Ze Luiz. he is an older dude with about zero direction in his life because he spends all of his money on booz and smoking... we have been trying to help him quit and i started to see how destructive these things can be! we was making some good progress but on sunday he relapsed again and when we got there to take him to church he was so drunk that he couldnt even stand. it was so sad! this guy is way cool, but because of his addiction, he doesnt have like any money and is all alone. just shows how these things can destroy your life. really hoping that we can help him quit! 

things are continuing to improve between soares and me, we really hit our groove this week, teaching well together and talking to tons of people, which lead to teaching more lessons this week! was lots of work, but lots of fun! crazy to think that my training is over in 2 weeks! passed by so fast!

saturday and sunday were hard days, all of our appointments fell through, and we lost some investigators and we kind of had to start from the drawing board to find new people to teach! it was hard but good learning experience!

well that is about it for this week! things are really good here in the crazy nation of brazil! missing out on the olympics is a bummer but other than that, things are good here! hope that everyone back home is doing great! love and miss you all there! 

GO JAZZ i am so happy they beat the lakers! one of the best parts of the day was reading that!! 

Love you all! church is all things that are good and its true! 

Elder Ryan

Mom. one thing i realized that i will need is more socks, preferably nikes, another pair of shoes (eccos) and more 3-4 white shirts(short sleeve) (i would buy them here, but the quality is really horrible, all the americans told me that they wished they asked for these things before everything got destroyed and used, so if those things could be sent, thatd be great!) 

Rachel: would like to know if you are caring for my facebook! if you could get that activted and that would be great because i would like to keep conected with the brazillians through that! thanks homie!

Cathryn: When is the Wedding??? ;) haha

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