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Monday, March 17, 2014

This weeks news! 3-17-14

o this week was a difficult one for us! 

we had been working lots with less actives and investigators of other missionaries, and it looked like we were going to start having some success.. then like everything fell through, all the people we were working with didnt want to continue meeting with us.. cant lie it was pretty frustrating! me and my companion have been trying to figure out what is going wrong and things that we can change to imporve, so far nothing has happened! haha but hopefull that this week will be lots better! 

on the bright side the season of rain just started and so it rains almost everyday all day.. which is nice in the sense that it isnt like 1000 degrees! haha but on the other hand im soaking wet every day! haha

we had zone meeting this week and that was good! our zone leaders addressed a lot of the problems that we were having and gave lots of good suggestions of how to help out our investigators! was good! only problem is that it is a 3 hour bus ride from viçosa to maceio... on a bus that was made for midgets! haha so my legs were pretty destroyed after the 6 hours total on the bus! haha 

so last week i talked about how we were starting an english class to try and fins people to teach, we spend the whole week planning and inviting tons of people, it seemed like we would have a pretty good outcome and i was getting pretty excited.. when saturday rolled around, no one showed for out class.. it was a bummer! but we are gonna try again this week, hoping for a better outcome this week.. maybe at least one will show?? haha

realized this week that about 600 people in this town, which has about 3000 people total, are members of the church,.. our branch has a steady attendance of 15.. its crazy to see how many people fell away.. it makes it hard to work because this town is so small,everyone knows how the church had a huge fall in attendance and stuff so the church has a bad rep here... makes things a little more interesting! haha

well that is about all for this week! it was hard and we are struggling! really hoping for a week of more success! haha just trying to keep chugging through it! hahah

well love you all and appreciate the letters that you all write! 

Elder Ryan

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