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Monday, March 24, 2014

well here it is! 3-24-14

This week was a really good week! me and elder Arraes talked a lot about what we needed to do to help us have more sucess.. and we tried to applied and it showed! we had tons more sucess!! 

we decided that we would start working in an area that is about 2 kilometers away from the city, seeing as we had had very little success inside the city, and our first day there was amazing! we found a family there and started teaching them! marked them all to baptism! was awesome!  found a young man who was baptized but never confirmed, started talking to him and he told us that he wanted to be baptized and this time confirmed so that was super exciting! hoping to baptize him this next week! we also decided that we just need to start talking to tons more people, so that is what we did! haha started talking to everyone that we saw.. hopefully we didnt freak to many people out! haha but it was really good, if you want to teach people you got to start talking to them! haha on thursday and friday we found 2 more families to start teaching! which im super excited for! teaching families is the best! because really, the gospel was made for families! it helps strengthen families unlike anything else! so we are super stoked to be working with families now! the only real bummer about this week is that no one came to church again.. but that really isnt a surprise, but we talked to our zone leader, and he gave us lots of good ideas so hoping that next week we can have at least one person at church! haha

thursday one of the elders that we live with, had his birthday.. because the branch here is so small, the members who are active love the missionaries, so they threw him a surprise party and that was fun to participate in! really i just was there for the cake! haha just kidding! but the cake was pretty good! haha

this week in my english class we had a grand total of.. one person! haha, one of the youth in the branch came, but he really liked it and im hoping that he will tell all his friends and we can get a good sized class going! its wierd.. but i realized that i started forgeting things in english! haha 

oh i forgot to say that the new area where we are working has tons of huge hills!! like ive never seen anything like them! sometimes when we are walking up them i wonder to myself.. why did they build houses here?? haha but that has been a work out! haha i will try to send some pictures! 

well this week i learned that if something isnt going right.. work hard and find a soluition and change your circumstances! i think that lots of times, as missionaries, we pray to have a change in our success, that we will find more people to teach and things like that, and then we dont change anything about the way we work,or where we work. i learned that after you pray for these things, youi need to do everything that you can to change your circumstances. read this one talk by Elder Bednar that talked about applying our faith! that if we just believe that things will change without giving it our alll, nothing will ever change. sometimes the blessings we recieve from God arent him placing people in front of us to teach, although he may do this, but more often than not, he will give us the strength and desire to change things for ourselves! hoping that i can start applying this more fully in my work! 

well hope that all is well for all of you back home! love and miss you all!

Elder Ryan

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