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Monday, April 7, 2014

the weeks news!! 4-7-14

well this week was good.. i feel like i start every email with that phrase.. but só vai! 

we played basketball today. my first time playing basketball in like 4 months and it was great.. but im soo out of shape!! haha but it was a good time! miss playing ball every week! 

had another zone meeting this week, and it was really good! it was about staying excited and not losing hope! talked about how when we think about our achievements sometimes we feel like we have done enough, and that we need to only look ahead, to see what we can accomplish if we press on! it was really great! got us really pumped! talked about finishing the transfer (which will end this next sunday) strong and instead of thinking of it as a end to rest, but to think of it as a 100 meter dash, and just push it till the end! to was really good time. really enjoyed the meeting. realized how important attitude is! it really is everything! if you want something, go get it! hoping to finish this transfer strong! 

it looks like we will be baptizing this saturday! which i am super excited for! one of our investigators who we dropped, Manoel, we decided to give him one last shot, jsut to make sure! and what do you know!! he told us about how for the first time in 6 months of meeting with the missionaries, he had a desire to know if he should be baptized. and for the first time in his life he got a comfirmation that this was the path for him! it was way cool! and that is how it works! if you really want to know, if you show desire to know, then God will show it to us! was a great experience with lots of learning! sometimes we need to be persistant to help the people realize that really this gospel has so many good things to offer and enrich our lives and unite us! was a awesome! he watched G Con with us on saturday and he seems really excited! 

I realized that like no one here knows really how to read! and i realized just how important education is! knowledge is like so important, adn it helped me realize just how blessed i am to have been educated and have had so many opportunities to learn! one thing i think the mission has really helped me realize is just how good my life is! i really have had such a good life! Thanks Ma e Pa! you 2 are pretty great! thanks for every thing you have done for our family! 

well conference was real good! ( you could say that it was... CREAMY) hahah but i was phased for like the first couple minutes because it was in portuguesse.. which i wasnt used to when seeing the prophets face! haha but it was really good! feel like it was one of the frist conferences where i actually payed attention and learned soo much.. interesting how that works! who would of thought that attention would have led to more understanding?? not me!! hahah 

well that about sums things up on this end! hope that all of you are doing super good! miss all of you! especially the marti gra fam dinner! it is always the best one! especially because of the powdered sugar mess! haha 

espero que todos de vocês têm um semana muito bom! que vocês vão mandar muitos caixas pra mim!!! da missão é um experiencia muito boa com muito aprendendo! até próximo semana!! 

Elder Ryan

PS mom i got the package of valentines cards! it was awesome! thank you every one who wrote in it!! 

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