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Monday, April 14, 2014

the weekly update/news/email/happenings of my life 4-14-14

well today marks the end of this transfer... passed by unbelievably fast! feels like yesterday that me and elder Arraes got here! one of the elders who lives in our house got transfered. me and elder Arraes stayed together, and i will be his last companion. he will leave on the 13 of may, so he is basically finished! but he is still working really hard and hopefully we will be able to get at least one baptism before he leaves!

this week was a pretty difficult one. i feel like all our work that we are doing isnt amounting to anything! like everyone new that we teach doesnt want anything from us after the first lesson! it gets frustrating sometimes! but just trying to focus on the good things that are happening and hope that eventually all the work that we are doing will pay off! 

on the bright side, im becoming a professional cook here in Viçosa. we rarely have lunch appointments.. because there are only like 4 active member families.. so that means we do a lot of our own cooking! i have become pretty pro at making rice and pasta!.. and that is about it! haha and that is what we eat just about every day.. which gets kinda old, but it is better than being hungry!

we had branch council, that the branch pres. asked us to participate in.. and lets just say that it was more like branch confusion! hahha everyone was all over the place and no one could focus on the same topic and acheive anything! it was kind of hilarious! 

but we have a few people who we are trying to get married so that we can baptize them, but the tricky part is that they only have civil marriages once every month, so that slows things down, and has lead to a little difficulty in keeping them interested and excited to be married! but hoping that everything will work out! 

well that about sums up this week. hoping that things will start looking up this next week and that we can start having a little more success! thanks everyone for your prays and emails! they really mean a ton! hope that everyone is well, and missing my fantastic ability to quote youtube! ;) hhaha

love you all!

Elder Ryan

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