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Monday, April 28, 2014

what is happening in brazil 4-28-14

well this letter is gonna be pretty annoying because i dont have a whole lot of exciting things to write about! haha 

Well just when i thought that things couldnt get any worse.. they got worse! haha this week started out really slow! the other missionaries that we live with made things really difficult! one of them started watching movies and playing video games all day and the other one was just sleeping, this wasnt a problem for me and wasnt causing problems with our work until the second day of this. Elder Arreas is only two weeks from finishing his mission. one of the elders, out district leader, was his companion earlier on, and he started talking about how Arraes was leaving and that it didnt matter anymore, that this area is hopeless and it is better to end the mission happy and watching tv and playing video games than it was to end stressed out! then the problems began! the other 3 in the house stayed up until 3 like every night this week watching movies, and the next day complaining about how they were too tired to work, how the area doesnt have baptisms and that it is better to just wait out until the next transfer to see if the difficulties pass by! this like destroyed everything! haha my companion was pretty unexcited and i was stressed out like never before! im surprised that my hair didnt turn gray or fall out! haha but we were lucky to leave the house to work at like 4 in the afternoon this week, and when we were out, Elder Arraes wasnt exactly to thrilled to walk any where!.. we got in a little bit of a fight on saturday morning because i had just had enough of his giving up at the end of his mission! i kind of let him have it! he wasnt too happy after that, and for the rest of the morning things were really tense! but i thinked it helped him out a bit, because we worked all saturday and sunday and he got excited again and things are good now! the excitement has been contagious, our district leader is back on track for the most part, the next step is trying to get his companion excited too! its crazy how unexcitement can be so contagious, like it spread like a wild fire in our house! but excitement is also pretty contagious, and its starting to spread these last two days! 

on the bright side of this week! i got an opportunity to call more of the shots this week which was good i got to lead all the lessons that we did teach and i was basically senior this week! also had a inactive person start going to church this week! that was great, we have been working with him for the last couple of weeks, so it was great to see him in church this week! also finished the book of mormon in portugues this week! that was great! its hard to imagine that i ever read it in english now! haha but the high light of this week was that i survived the most stressful week of my mission thus far! i have never had such a hard time! but i made it through and learned a lot of things about my self and about working, even when things arent going the way you hoped!

loved all the emails that were sent this week, especially the emails from Mom and Dad, those helped out a ton! thanks so much! 

Well things are looking up in Viçosa, hoping that we can finish these last 2 weeks of the transfer strong and regardless of the outcomes of our work! 

Elder Ryan

English Classes 

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