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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ryan Is In Brazil! Nov 7 2013

hey familia!!

i made it to brazil!! the plane ride was wicked horrible beccause i had to sit in a middle seat with not nearly enough leg room for 10 hours over night! why doesnt the world make things for big people, i mean people are generally bigger now! haha but it was fine.. im not bitter at all haha! but brazil is cool! it feels pretty sureal because it feels like yesterday that i was just being dropped off at provo! but the MTC here is hard because they speak almost no english, so i dont really know what the heck is going on! so hopefully i cant start really understanding the language soon! so yeah all is well i guess! how is everything at home.. i cant figure out how to do questionmarks, because im typing on a portuguesse keyboard.. soo yeah sorry if there is any confusion! so all you need to know is that im alive and surprisingly in brazil befroe 6 months of my mission are up! haha!
Love you all!!
Elder Johnson

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