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Monday, November 4, 2013

Surprise the Visa came! 11-4-2013

November 4th

I GOT MY VISA!!! i leave tomorrow! so i can call you guys from the airport, so lets plan on talking then ok?? ill tell you all about everything then, so i'll keep this email brief! please forward this to dad as well!
But the mission has been a great experience so far, and i feel like i have learned so much already! in just five days of portuguese, i can already teach a brief lesson about the restoration, say a prayer, and bear my testimony... and i also know a bunch of random phrases as well! haha! but the spirit is strong here and i love it! i miss and love all of you guys so much! i'll make sure to write more next time i write, i just don't have a ton off time because we have so much to do before we leave tomorrow! oh my companion is Elder Coronado, he is a great guy but a little bit socially awkward.. but its fine, it makes me laugh sometimes! and we had to teach an investigator our 2nd day here! it was crazy hard because we knew no portuguese but it was so fun!! haha
i have been laughing so much, learning so much, and having so much fun! cant wait to talk to you tomorrow!! love you!!
Elder Johnson...
 PS i'll send pictures next week!!

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