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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sweating in Brazil .....and Rachel???? Nov 15, 2013

hey family!!
 thanks for all your emails! i loved them all so much!! it was great hearing that everyone is missing so much that they can barely function without me!! ;) haha but it is going great down here for me! i really love it down here even though i swear its like 600 degrees! haha its seriously so hot im surprised i havent melted yet! haha but i miss all of you so much and am really hoping that you will all keep writing! tell rachel she is dead to me though because she is the only one in the fam who didnt write me!
but the language is coming so much better! im so glad im in the brazil mtc because i really am forced to speak portuguese so much more here! its hard to understand the people down here though becuase they talk so wicked fast! its crazy! its like.. how the devil do they move their tongues fast enough to talk like this? haha its hard to understand sometimes but if i can figure out what is going on, i can almost always respnd! so that is a good sign!
my district here is really awesome! we have 2 sets of sister missionaries, and another set of elders! but they have been super welcoming to me and i feel like i fit in really well with them so that is really awesome! Me and my companion have started clicking better this last week too! we have started teaching with more unity and we actually play one on one every day for an hour! he is really good at basketball so it is really fun!
we have 2 investigators... AKA our instructors.. Brother alvino, and sister monique, but we were really having a lot of trouble teaching this last week until thursday, we talked to both of them for like 40 minutes without notes and we commited them both to be baptized!! it was so awesome! even though they arent really getting baptized i got all excited! haha i cant wait to teach people and actually get them to be baptized! it will be so awesome!! i cant wait!
really it has been such a great experience down here! i love it so much! its a lot of fun and its also really challenging! studying for like 11 hours a day is sometimes really hard, but when you know that if you learn the language you could change peoples lives for the better, it makes you really motivated to learn and work hard! so thats good!
Maelyn got her mission call to mexico! i forgot what city but she leaves in april! and she is super excited!
i hope everything is going well at home and that every one is doing well, thanks for the updates on chandler and for keeping him and me in your prayers! i hope you all are keeping my room nice and dirty for the whole time im gone and that you are constantly using all my various quotes!! i love you all so much and miss you all like crazy! but this is the best decision ive ever made! i love serving so much! I feel that i learn and grow so much everyday! but dont worry, im not too werid yet!! haha! keep writing!
Love you all!!
Elder Johnson (elder GREEGG)
PS please forward this to grandma and grandpa, and let them know that i love and miss them!!

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