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Friday, November 29, 2013

the update! 11-29-13

ok so i have officially been out for a month now! pretty crazy huh!! seems like yesterday i was getting dropped of at the provo mtc! so wild!!
thanks for all your emails this week i really enjoyed them! and mom you can send more than one line!! haha just dont make it too long! haha i would love to hear more!!
but as the mission goes on, the more and more i love it! i am having so much fun out here! so this week i went to the police station and got all my fingerprints and such! and now its official, im in the brazil system and can go to jail!! i guess i better not do anything to stupid now right?? haha this week we even had a thanksgiving dinner (well lunch, because that is the main meal of the day here) but it was seriously so amazing... and best of all.. NO HAM!!! it was a miracle!! haha but for real i was so happy, we had turkey, potatoes, and best of all... Ice cream! haha it was the first time that ive had it since i left the grand old nation of USA! we also get to go to the sao paulo temple everyweek, which i think i already mentioned, but my greatest accomplishment this week was not falling asleep during the session! hahaha! score one for elder Johnson! haha also my district has been practicing a musical number to sing at the farewell deviontional when we leave! so that will be way fun, even though my district lacks some musical talent! haha but they try so that makes up the difference right?? haha
to be honest, its time for me to leave the MTC! i mean its been great and all, but i jsut want to get out into the field and start doing the real thing! even though im not fluent in the language, i feel like i can communicate pretty well, and when it comes to church vocab,i am pretty much fluent and can teach about all the principles and such and feel like i could teach a whole lesson in decent portuguese.. but when people start speaking fast... uh oh.. haha its like they speak a million miles and hour, i have to ask people to speak slower like ten times before i understand them! haha but other than that, the language is coming pretty nicely and i feel like im improving daily! its been awesome!
last night i was helping this elder from ecuador, i was teaching him how to do a rubiks cube, and he messed up, and he yelled, "damn it" hahahhahaha i seriously laughed so hard! i almost wet my self! I was like rolling on the floor! so funny! haha
well that is it for me! i miss you all and am a little jealous i didnt get to go to san diego with all of you for thanksgiving! it was weird not being with you! but i love you all and am so greatful that you are my family, eventhough we struggle and are real weird.. i wouldnt want any other family than the one i am a part of!! i love you all so much and hope everything is going great back home!
Elder Johnson
PS mom here is my scripture for my plaque. Ether 12:27, and can you call the bank and tell them im in brazil.. i forgot to do that before i left! haha thanks so much!!

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