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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Update 11-22-13

Ryan Johnson

to meCathrynKen
ok first off mom... that was the biggest email i have ever gotten!!! its like you where writing the fifth harry potter book! i dont even have enough time to read the whole thing beause we only have like 30 minutes to write in this place!! its madness i tell you!! ;) haha but everything is going well
wednesday we got to place books of mormon and it was awesome!! i placed 7 books!! it was so legit and i swore i spoke fluent portuguese!! the gift of tongues is way legit! oh and just so you all konw, im short on time for this email because moms email took so long to read! haha! so sorry if im short on details! but im loving it down here in brazil! i have gained 8 pounds.. so hopefully i stop gaining wait or else my pants will no longer fit me! haha but i swear we eat ham in like every flipping meal... it is safe to say that i hate ham.. i meant i HATE ham! hahah it seriously is the worst.. we even eat ham sandwihes for breakfast.. its a joke! haha
Cathryn. you have to marry my instructor brother Alvino.. he is serously that most amazing guy ever and he so freaking funny. he is planning on going to BYU so you have to find him this next year and marry him!! but for real he is awesome and should totally meet him!
other things that have been going on this week
fell asleep at the temple.. oops! haha seriously like the story of my life here!! i swear im so tired! haha
my district had an awesoem testimony meeting on tuesday where we all started crying because the spirit was so strong.. dang it spirit.. make us all cry! haha
well that is pretty much the most excting things that happen in the CTM here in brazil! its hot.. the next day its even hotter. the portuguese is gettign better and better everyday and i can teach a lesson about almost anything in portuguese and actually make sense! its so awesome!!
tell andria, cat, and rachel that i miss my best homies a lot and that im sorry that i couldnt respond to their emails personally this week! i will try hard to respond next week! its just crazy busy! but i love them and am missing you all like crazy!
love you all and miss you and appreiciate all your emails! keep sending them.. even if they are longer than the book of alma! haahha.. mormon jokes! hilarous :)
Elder Johnson!!

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